Strengthen Your Hips and Thighs with the Ball


Combining a medicine ball with an exercise ball is a great way to strengthen your abs and work on endurance and stability.  This workout focuses on unique and, often, advanced exercises that focus on the core, glutes, hips and thighs. Some moves require a lot of balance and stability, so try these exercise near a wall or something you can hold onto as you practice these moves.


Advanced Ball Leg Extensions with a Med Ball

Position the ball under upper back to engage your abs and to stabilize the hips. Hold a medicine ball straight up over chest and make sure knees are at 90 degrees. Lower arms behind you while simultaneously extending the right leg straight. Return to start and repeat, alternating legs for 10-16 reps. For less challenge to balance, do the leg extension without the medicine ball.


Med Ball Squat and Squeeze

Place your back against a wall with hips & shoulders squared. Slide down until knees are at 90 degrees, knees over ankles and weight in heels. Squeeze a medicine ball or towel just above your knees and hold for 15 or more seconds. Repeat 2-3 times.


Med Ball Figure 8 Lunges

Begin in a lunge position with right leg forward, knee over ankle. Lower into a lunge bringing the ball down towards right hip. Straighten knees, bringing ball straight up overhead and then lower back into a lunge, sweeping the ball towards the opposite hip. Movement of medicine ball will be like a figure 8. Repeat other side.


Med Ball Knee Rolls

Lie on the floor with the legs resting on an exercise ball, knees bent and a medicine ball between the knees. Take your arms out to the sides for more stability.  Slowly roll the ball to the right as far as you comfortably can, feeling the core engage.  Roll back to the center and roll to the left.  Repeat for 15 reps (1 rep is to the right and left).