Strong Core for Smooth Runs


Probably the least of most runners’ concern is to develop ripped abs. There is much cardiovascular training to be done and leg training to power through, who has time for abdominal trainings right? Okay, while we salute your absolute dedication to your sport by training for strong heart and legs, you cannot afford to neglect the in-betweens too. And by in-betweens we mean literally the muscle group in between your heart and your legs—your core.


If you want optimal performance and strength to power you through your runs, then you should complement your current training with core training too. Not to mention, it also makes for faster race time. Convinced? Don’t drop on the mat and perform an infinite number of crunches just yet. The most common misconception about the core is that it is only limited to your abdominals. That’s really not the case. In fact, your core is also made up of your back, your hips, and your obliques.


We break it down to three reasons on why you need to train for a stronger core.


  1. For injury prevention

Building a strong foundation through core exercises is an important part of your training. If you have a strong core, your hips, your pelvis, and your lower back are aligned in such a way that they will work with each other smoothly. Translation, less chances of hip and lower back injuries.


  1. For speed

A well balanced core can also improve your racing time. How? The main reason for this heavily relies on the first item on this list: injury prevention. This is because when you’re completely injury free, you are able to train continuously. Such consistency in your training will be able to improve your racing time.


  1. For stability and efficiency

Core training is especially important to stabilize your runs. Meaning you will be able to recover swiftly from any missteps however large.